Yateley Cricket Club

Edit a fixture

Edit a fixture
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Select Fixture from the Club Database menu and select the appropriate team, find the appropriate fixture and click on the Edit this fixture icon (Pencil).

Cancelling or Deleting a Fixture

Only delete a fixture if it has been entered in error.  Fixtures which don't take place because of the weather or because the opposition pull out should be cancelled, not deleted.  This will then show up on the Fixture List.

If you need to cancel or delete a fixture you can do it on this screen by clicking on the appropriate button, however, you can't restore a canceled fixture from this screen.

You can also cancel, delete and restore fixtures on the main Fixtures List screen.

Select Fixtures from Club Database menu, select the appropriate team and find the appropriate fixture,
  • to cancel a fixture click on the Cancel this fixture icon (White cross on red), CANCELLED will then appear in the Meet column
  • to delete a fixture click on the Delete this fixture icon (Minus sign on red)
  • to restore a cancelled fixture, click on the Restore this fixture icon (green arrow on white screen)