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Make a team selection

Make a team selection
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If you are going to send out a selection email make sure that all your fixture details are complete before you start your selection e.g. start time, location, direction.  Click on Edit a fixture to find out how you can change fixture details.
Select Fixtures from the Club Database menu and select the appropriate team.

Find the appropriate fixture and click on the Select a team for this fixture icon (2 heads) next to the match.

Your selected players will receive an email like this, they can then click on the buttons in the email to confirm that they can play.  They can also do this by logging onto the website.

If you selected Notify of all member responses in the Notification preferences you will receive an email when players respond, alternatively you can monitor players resonses on the website just find your fixture as above and click on the Select a team for this fixture icon (2 heads) You will then be able to see how players have responded.  You can also update acceptance for any players who have responded by other means.