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Yateley Women 

Yateley Women after their club record 204 run win!

Yateley Women

Are you looking to play competitive cricket in a friendly, supportive atmosphere?

Do you want to develop your skills through high quality coaching?
Are you a beginner or an experienced player?

Yateley Women and our coaches

We are a friendly and enthusiastic group of women and older girls who love our 
cricket. We're keen to improve our game whilst enjoying playing as a team. We have excellent coaching from our hard working and dedicated coaches who are ECB Level 2+, headed up by Level 3 coach Colin Justice.
If you think that sounds like your sort of club then come along and join us!

When do we play?
Hardball cricket

Each Autumn/Winter season Yateley Women play in the Women's Serious Cricket Indoor League at Dummer Cricket Centre on Sunday evenings and have done so since the Women's division started.
This year we have two teams playing in the Indoor League: the Yorkers in Division 1 and the Flames in Division 2.

During the Summer season Yateley Women I play in Division Two of the Hampshire Cricket Women's League. We are very proud to have been original members of the Women's Division when it was started many years ago. 
In 2021 our newly formed Women II team played in Division 3 for the first time, finishing runners up which was a fantastic achievement. 

Softball cricket - W10

We're excited to have launched our softball team to complement our hardball team, offering softball to women and girls over 13.
There's no experience or equipment needed; just enthusiasm! In 2021 we played social cricket, entering local Festivals (and winning one!) and we'd welcome anyone thinking about trying out cricket to come and join our friendly team.

When and where do we train?

Summer outdoor
training takes place from mid April through the summer at Yateley CC, Sean Devereux Park, Chandlers Lane, Yateley on Tuesday evenings for both hardball and softball women.

Winter indoor training takes place from Tuesday 18th January 2022 6.30 - 8pm at Yateley Manor School, Reading Road, 

How do I find out more?

Contact  Rachel McGowan at rachel.yccgirls@icloud.com for more information...we're looking forward to hearing from you.